Well, forgive my absence in posting.  I have been working hard on creating a personal platform and also have been sick or out of town.  I have yet to get in the habit of consistently writing. It takes time to develop or redevelop a new/old habit. Considering popular internet lore, the most commonly quoted number is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. This belief apparently originates from Psycho-Cybernetics, a book published in the1960s by plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz. According to a 2009 Study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit. The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. The ultimate conclusion was there are no one-sized fits all answer to establishing a habit.  So, you’re just going to have to give me grace!  Here we go…

Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).

-Stephen R. Covey


Last Sunday I had come home early from traveling across the state sharing and connecting people to the vision of Restoration Church.  Monday, I went to the clinic first thing to find out that I had at least a Kidney Infection, if not stone and they wanted to order a CT Scan.  I reached out to my primary care and she reviewed the labs and called me in some antibiotics.  Thursday, we did follow up labs and did a CT Scan in an abundance of caution.  The labs and scan report came back Friday morning all clear.  I spent the week resting and recovering.  Thank you for everyone who prayed and reached out to check on me. 

Friday evening, I headed to Cornerstone Nashville to be an evaluator in Sign Language and Instrumentals for the Tennessee Ministry Network’s Fine Arts.  I have done this off and on for 20+ years.  Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of the Assemblies of God Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop, and deploy their ministry gifts and to learn about their God-given abilities and talents. 


Up early and back to Fine Arts.  I wanted to get there early to see Joseph McCoy do his first short sermon. This young man I have known for over four years since our beginning days at Bellshire Assembly. He did a fantastic job, so very proud of him and thankful for the call of God on his life.  There is a lot that is said about this “lost” generation, but what I am seeing is God raising up another generation to take the mantle and move forward with creativity, passion and purpose! Spent the rest of the day evaluating instrumentals (piano, guitar, woodwinds, etc.) Was able to have lunch at Cock of the Walk restaurant with the Bellshire folks.  It’s always good to catch up with that crew!  Let me also go on record that although it is a good restaurant is it no Catfish House (Springfield, TN).  


Was in both services at Living Free Church, Portland, TN.  WOW!  What a day.  Worship in both services was off the charts. Great message by Pastor Ricky!  Go to their YouTube page and check it out.  Also, go to Restoration’s YouTube and subscribe, it helps us!  If we get over 100 subscribers, we can name the channel by our church name and not youtube.com/9084u20-98rfwjkfhlkaewfjhw34p3589y, making it easier for people to find.  

Spent the afternoon trying to catch up on some work to get ready for the week. DeAnna and I made healthy chili (turkey meat, unsalted tomatoes, and mushrooms to replace the beans). Monday begins our move back to healthy eating.  COVID did not help our waistline or health so we are on a mission to get healthy! Not a diet…. but better health! 

Above All Continue in Love and Excellence!